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7-Day Sicily Itinerary

The crystal clear sea, the mountains, and the incredible history. Sicily is a great destination to include in your trip to Italy and here is a 7-day Sicily itinerary to visit the island. Or, also, you can decide to spend a few days there only. Most of the tourists come here during summer, especially in August. We suggest visiting during June or September, since the temperatures are still mild enough to enjoy the beaches. However, during other seasons, you can choose to do the cities sightseeing only. This Sicily itinerary of 7 days is thought to be for all the time of the year.


Start from Palermo. It’s not only a great culinary start for your trip to Sicily, but there are also lots of things to do here. In fact, the city is a melting pot of the different cultures that conquered the place in the past. You can find Norman and Muslim presence here. From the Cathedral, to the Palatine Chapel, everything here is a mix of styles. Apart from visiting the incredible beauties of the city, take some time to explore the local street food. The outdoor markets and small shops around are buzzing with life and local delicatessen.

If you’re up for a day trip from Palermo, go to Cefalù. The beaches here are really worth it to visit. But it’s not the only great thing about this place. In fact, it’s an extremely nice coastal village. It was founded by the Greeks, so it has lots of cultural spots to visit as well.

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CATANIA + ETNA (2 days)

Your second destination in this Sicily itinerary of 7 days will be Catania. It’s the second largest city of Sicily and it used to be a cultural center during the Renaissance. The old town is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Get lost in its streets, enjoy the local lifestyle, and try different types of food. From Catania, you can visit Mount Etna, the biggest active volcano in Europe. It’s a 5-6 hour trekking, not too difficult, but you need to have some trekking experience. During winter, you can ski on its slopes. It’s an incredible experience, since you can ski while looking at the see from the top of the mountain.


Siracusa will steal your heart. It’s a historic city on the east coast of Sicily and it’s full of culture. It’s a UNESCO Heritage Site and it was founded by the ancient Greeks. And nowadays, you can still visit their creations. The Temple of Apollo, the greek theatre, and the fountain of Arethusa are just few of the masterpieces you can go to here. Just walk around and explore every corner of this stunning city. Take also some time to enjoy the coastal view. It’s really worth it!


Noto, Ragusa, and Modica are three towns very close to each other. You can visit all three of them in one day. However, if you prefer to keep a slower pace, choose only two of them. They’re all UNESCO Heritage Site. Ragusa is called the “City of Bridges” for its three very characteristic bridges. Modica, instead, is a city of the medieval heritage. It’s also famous for its chocolate. While Nolo is the “Capital of Baroque” for its unique architecture.


Agrigento was one of the leading cities during the Magna Graecia. Here, in fact, you can still see the ruins of the major buildings. There are many Greek temples around. In fact, the Valley of the Temples is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Here the buildings are almost as they were during the Ancient Greece era. The view from the temples is also quite impressive. It’s for sure a must-visit during your Sicily itinerary of 7 days!


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