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10-Day Italy Itinerary For The First Time Travelers

10-day Italy Itinerary For The First Time Traveler

Italy is for sure one of the most interesting destinations in the World. It’s full of culture, history, nature and many wonderful hidden spots. Visit all the beauties of Italy in 10 days is impossible, but with this 10-day itinerary of Italy we get pretty close to the impossible. We’ll bring you to the main cities attractions and also some off-tourist spots. You’ll get a glimpse of the Italian lifestyle, from the center of the country to the north, from chaotic to quiet places. And don’t forget to stop for a glass of wine or to taste some local food wherever you are. Italian food and wine are one of the best experiences you can treat yourself with during your trip.

Let’s start with your 10-day itinerary of Italy!

ROME (3 days)

Arrive in Rome, the Italian capital, and plan to stay here 3 days. It seems like a lot, but believe us, a lifetime is not enough to see everything Rome has to offer. You will visit 2000-year-old buildings and great Renaissance masterpieces. And you’ll indulge in the small streets of Trastevere, the most typical neighbourhood in the city and you’ll even go abroad to the Vatican City, the smallest country on Earth!

10-day Italy itinerary Rome Saint Peter

FLORENCE (2 or 3 days)

After visiting Rome, head to Florence and spend here 2 days or 3 days, including of a day trip. This city is the cultural and social heart of Tuscany, a region known abroad for its wine, its beautiful hills and landscapes. Here you’ll see incredible churches, the World-famous Old Bridge and many more interesting masterpieces. If you love the city so much you can’t leave it after 2 days, you can stay one more day and go for a day trip to one of the amazing places nearby. Siena and Pisa are just a few examples.


VENICE (2 days)

Venice is a must-visit in your 10-day itinerary of Italy. It’s one of the most particular cities in the World, since it’s built on more than 100 islands, connected with bridges and canals. No cars are allowed in the city, neither buses, so the only way to go around is walking or taking the ferries. It’s a common destination for romantic couples, but it’s perfect also for solo travelers or group of friends. There are so many things to see and do that you’ll never get bored. Take 2 days to visit the city, so you’ll get enough time to go to all the main attractions, including St. Mark Square and Rialto.

MILAN (2 or 3 days, depending on how many days you stayed in Florence)

Milan will be the last destination of your 10-day itinerary of Italy. The city is the financial and fashion capital of the country, but there are also many other things to see. Milan, for example, is home of the largest church in Italy, which is incredibly elaborated with its spires. The city is also the best place to have an aperitif, it’s almost a proper dinner included in the price of your drink. This is, of course, the best place to show off your best outfit and, if you didn’t bring any, fret you not, the fashion district will provide you with whatever you need. If you have spent only 2 days in Florence, then you can spend one more day here and go for a day trip. One of the options from Milan is Como Lake, a stunning lake in the middle of the mountains.


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