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Fashion, lifestyle, and fashion again. This is Milan in the eyes of the foreigners, but there is much more to that. In fact, it’s an incredible kaleidoscopical city.

It’s the financial capital of Italy and one of the richest one. It’s considered a leading alpha global city. Here you can find art, commerce, design, and entertainment.

The city also hosts Italy’s stock exchange and it’s the third-largest economy among European cities. Milan, in fact, follows Paris and London in terms of GDP.

The EXPO was held here two times, in 1906 and 2015, making the city the most international one in Italy. The Fashion Week and the Furniture Fair also helped to bring international exposure to the city.

You will be amazed by the vibrant vibes of the city. Exploring Milan, you will pass by highly modern buildings, historical spots, and numerous cozy cafes and winebars.

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