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Created by Giuseppe Sanmartino, a famous sculptor, the Statue of the Veiled Christ can be visited at the San Severo Chapel. It was sculpted in the 18th century and the chapel is conveniently located centrally in the historic city of Naples. The Veiled Christ is a magnificent art of work and it’s famous for its unmatched beauty and grandeur. The statue attracts visitors from all corners of the world and is a must-visit for every tourist in the city.

What makes the statue even more unique is that the sculptor carved it on one marble block and gave life to this life-size statue of Jesus Christ. This art of work represents Christ’s body covered by a stunning transparent veil carved from marble as he is shown lying on the bed.

It is just not possible to describe this superb art of work in few words. You have to see it to appreciate spirituality and an element of softness to symbolize the death of Christ who sacrificed his life to ensure the salvation of mankind.

How to get there:

By bus

From the railway station, take the C82 bus that has a stop at the intersection of Porta di Massa. Get off the bus and start walking while following the signs to reach your destination.

By car

Start your journey from Piazza Garibaldi and continue along Via del Sole. When you reach here, start walking following the signs.

By train

If you want to come via Central Station of Naples, rent a car or take a cab. Follow the same route described earlier. In case you are not willing to drive, you can proceed to the two metro line and get off at Piazza Cavour. Continue walking while following the road signs.

Ticket prices

Free for kids up to 9-year-old

Standard ticket: € 8,00

Visitors aged 10 to 25 years: € 5,00

Buy tickets online here

Opening hours

Sun –Fri: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Sat: 9:00am – 8:30pm (May to Dec 2019)

Closed on Tuesday

Official website


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