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Santa Maria del Fiore

Santa Maria del Fiore is the third largest church in the World. Arnolfo di Cambio designed it in the 15th century. It is 153 meters in length, 90 meters in width at the crossing, and 90 meters high from the floor to the bottom of the lantern. It is the third and last cathedral built in Florence, and it was dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore, who was the Virgin of the Flower. It’s an explicit reference to the lily, the symbol of the city of Florence.

Inside the church, you can find some of the greatest masterpieces, including the portrait of Dante by Michelino, that conveys the context of strict piety.

The structure reflects the character and the aesthetic taste of the citizens of Florence, who prefer simple architectural forms.

At the time of the construction, the builders did not know how they could cover the space of the crossing. Until Filippo Brunelleschi, who was one of the greatest Renaissance minds, curated and took forward a plan to build the dome in 1425. So, the crossing was finally covered.


You should dress appropriately when you visit the church. You can’t to enter with bare shoulders and legs, sandals, hats, and sunglasses.

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10AM – 5PM

Thursday: 10AM – 3.30PM

Saturday: 10AM – 4.45PM

Sunday and Public Holidays: 1.30PM – 4.45PM

How to get to Santa Maria del Fiore

– Buses 14, 23, and C1 stop Pucci

– Bus C2 stop Oriuolo

– Bus 6 and 11 stop Vecchietti

Ticket Prices


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