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The Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi in Italian) is one of the most famous fountains in the world and the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. The most iconic scene in La Dolce Vita is filmed here, unfortunately, though you can’t walk into the fountain as Anita Ekberg did in the movie. The Trevi Fountain was supposed to be designed by Bernini, but the pope who asked him to sketch the renovation project died before the works had begun. Even though Bernini didn’t design the final project, there are many touches that recall his initial sketch. The construction began in 1732 under the supervision of the Italian architect Salvi. Salvi died when the works were just half done and the final fountain was finished in 1762. When you visit this incredible masterpiece, make sure you bring some coins with you. Once you’re there, turn your back to the fountain and throw a coin into the water using your right hand over the left shoulder. It’s said you would come back to Rome if the coin ends up into the water and in general, it’s a sign of good luck.

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Metro: Line A (Red Line) – stop “Barberini”

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