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Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy
Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy


Undoubtedly one of the most famous bridges in the world, Ponte Vecchio spans the Arno River. The arch bridge has been constructed out of stone, where the Romans built the first bridge in the city. In fact, until 1218, it was the sole bridge in Florence across the Arno River. A flood in the year 1345 led to the construction of the current bridge. During the Second World War, it was the sole bridge in the city which was not destroyed by the German forces. However, they ensured that access to the bridge was blocked when they demolished the ancient edifices on both sides. Ever since the thirteenth century, Ponte Vecchio has had many shops on it, which is one of its prime attractions. Initially, the shops were of all kinds including those belonging to fishmongers and butchers. However, now only jewelers and goldsmiths are permitted to run their shops on this bridge. You can also admire this beautiful bridge while enjoying a boat ride or from underneath during the occasional concerts. As it is one of the most famous attractions in Florence, it’s crowded most of the time. Hence, visit the bridge in the late evening or early morning when there are fewer tourists and marvel at its architecture.

How to get there

The bridge is hardly around 2.7 km (7 minutes) when you come here from the City Center of Florence via SS67. It will take about 20-minutes to walk to the nearest train station.

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